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  Display room of custom made guitars  

Welcome to our Custom Made Helstern Guitar display room! Here we try to keep on hand some of the most recent models of guitars that we have created. Scroll down below and you will see up close some of our custom work in detail.


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Here we have the JB-1 which is the John Beland signature series acoustic Guitar. As you can see from the video on our home page that John himself absolutely loves the sound and quality of the Helstern Guitar. He says that he has never heard a better sustain in an acoustic guitar like our Helstern Guitar!

  Here is the JB-1 John Beland signature guitar  
  Here is the Carved Back Bubinga Guitar  

Here we have the Custom Made Carved-Back Guitar made from the African Bubinga wood with a carved Eagle Bridge.


Here we created a custom made 12 string acoustic Helstern Guitar made from the African Bubinga wood. We have reshaped the body of the acoustic guitar in a way that it's never been done before, which gives it a sustain that is incredible!

  The 12 string guitar front bottom and back  
  12 string top of neck front and back  

With the reshaping of the body of all the Helstern Guitars along with this 12- string guitar, not only does the sustain sound incredible but the highs and lows are also amazing!


Here is one of our Custom made Helstern Guitars made from 50,000 year old ancient Kauri wood found in peat bogs in New Zealand.


For more information on Ancient Kauri wood click here!

  Helstern Guitar made with Ancient Kauri wood  
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