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Besides being a luthier, Ron has been a master wood carver for 35 years. Along with the custom guitars he is building these unique guitar stands. This one happens to be a life size cobra.


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Here to the right we have a hand carved Remington Shotgun mounted on 12 gauge shell casing.

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  shotgun guitar stand  
  M16 rifle Guitar Stand  

To the left is our

custom made M16 Rifle, handcarved from Wisconsin Basswood with Cherry wood accents and inlays!


Another One of Ron's Creations of a Cobra Guitar Stand shown from the back and when rolled over showing the stand with his acoustic 12 string Guitar.


  12 string on cobra guitar stand  

Ron's latest creation, the Guitar Store Indian!

This fabulous work of art was hand carved to perfection with endless hours of precision artwork. This Guitar stand is very detailed front and back right down to the lines of the feathers.


Check out the fine detailed artwork in the face and the feathers. The right mixture of paints to bring out the true colors of the traditional indians that we all know from America and the movies.


Instead of holding a rifle, Ron has replaced it with a Guitar for an added special touch. A Guitar Stand like no other on the planet!

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